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I am very happy and privileged to live by the sea on the south coast of the UK where I work from home for only a few hours a day as an internet marketing entrepreneur and online business mentor.

Although I have been using computers for several years now, I am by no means a computer expert and still type using only one finger, plus every time I start my laptop up in the morning I am convinced that someone has jumbled up all the letters on my keyboard overnight, as Im sure they were in a different place the day before!

But thanks to ever advancing technology, computers are so user friendly these days. And I can use the fantastic software that is available to run my business like a computer wizard, even though I may be a bit slower than most people.

My career over the years has been very variable. I Worked my way up and became successful in a few businesses including estate agency and the vending industry. Then after becoming very disillusioned with the conventional business structures and company politics etc. I came to the conclusion that I was working long hours and only really trading my time for money to make the company owners achieve their dreams. So I decided to take the self-employment route, as I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

But after having a few business successes and then failures I was getting very frustrated with the way small businesses get treated by the big banks. Fortunately, I then discovered a well-established network marketing company which came at the right time in my life as I had just become a parent to a beautiful daughter, so this new method of self-employment enabled my partner and I to work from home and enjoy spending quality time with our daughter.

Over the years I was involved with, and became quite successful with a few MLM companies but then I had to give it all up after becoming a single parent and being unable to put in the hours attending meetings, dealing with upline, downline, middleline, sideline etc. But I did gain fantastic knowledge and learned several important life changing lessons that are not taught in the conventional education system and so called ‘Proper Job’ working environment. I was also introduced to self-improvement & positive thinking techniques, reading books listening to hours upon hours of audio. With Tony Robbins being my all-time favourite.

When my daughter eventually flew the nest, I then had the freedom to decide which route and direction in life to pursue. I decided to restart my life leaving London, and moving down to the south coast near Brighton to re-invent myself.

I needed the freedom to work for myself, without having to work long hours every day 7 days a week. I wanted flexibility to be able to spend weeks at a time abroad to avoid the dark British winters. I did not want to have any real overheads like renting premises and employing staff. I had very little money to invest. So I had a real dilemma. What do I do?

I searched online for various business opportunities. What a laugh that is! Loads & loads of ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes & scams. I had already been down the conventional MLM route and I did not want to start that all over again.

Then I remembered that a few years earlier when I had my own business we promoted a few other products and services on our website. We made a little bit of money, without really knowing what we were doing. But I did like the principle of this concept called affiliate marketing.

So I thought I would research the subject in more detail. I found a couple of guys who had made their fortune in this industry and were pretty much experts in the affiliate & online marketing world. So I invested some money in their education program. And Wow! It has changed my life!!

Not only am I now equipped with new skills and techniques to not only make money online anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection. But more importantly I can now help others do the same.

Im actually making commissions from all over the world whilst I sleep, marketing ethical products & services that I endorse and either use or would use myself, via a system that works pretty much on auto pilot.

Even better, I have recently teamed up and become a member of a fantastic community of like-minded entrepreneurs, where we all help each other to succeed and get the best superior training and one to one mentoring which is provided by some of the world’s leading experts. With a fool proof system that is far more rewarding and requires considerably less investment to get started than any franchise or traditional new business. Requiring NO business premises, or staff and minimal overheads.

Who would have thought a few years ago that a guy like me in his later years of life, without a university degree or any real formal qualifications and no proper computer skills could be earning money whilst living a laptop lifestyle anywhere in the world?

If I can do it, you certainly can do it too!

If you would like to know how I can help you achieve your goals and ambitions whilst living a laptop lifestyle, please contact me for more information.

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